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Tremont United Methodist Church 1951 Washington Avenue Bronx, N.Y. 10457

Prayer Walk


The Evangelism Committee of Tremont United Methodist Church welcomes you.

Tremont UMC going on prayer walk

Due to Covid-19 all prayer walks have been cancelled  until further notice.


Evangelism workshop before prayer walk


On prayer walk 2x2



Our Mission Statement:

As the body of Christ called Tremont, we are committed to REACH into the community as ambassadors of grace to help, to heal, and to make disciples for Christ, to HOLD our brothers and sisters in the warm and affirming embrace that is the love of our God, to STRENGTHEN ourselves, our community, and one another through growth in the knowledge of scripture, tradition, reason and experience and RELEASE emboldened disciples of Christ to do the work of transforming the church and the world.